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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Frank S. at Paris Nice & Andy at 2009 Tirrino

Frank Schleck: Luxembourg national Champ kicked ass in today's final stage or Paris-Nice. You can see by Contador's face that he is really struggling. I actually thought it was quite sad yesterday. I really felt for AC. When the peloton passed him after his legs popped and he bonked- it was truly a tragedy for the Spaniard. It was an awesome stage though. Schleck and Jensie were playing him big time, and it worked.

The 44th Tirrino Adriatico: Our boy is currently 23d in the GC at 3:10.  He's 6th in the Young Riders category. The best bike racer in the universe is using this race as preparation for the 2009 Giro which goes from Saturday, May 9-Sunday, May, 31.

Looking at the results- looks like pretty boy Lovqvist is doing well. Also happy to see Big George in the 20s of the GC. 

Looks like it's going to be a great season fangirls!

Congrats to brother Frank on his 2nd place finish in the 2009 Paris-Nice. Well done! Props to Jensie Voigt who is just a pure animal in my book- love him!


Rina said...

Excause me miss Maggie, Andy is NOT riding the Giro. Best bike racer in universe is very much focus on Le Tour.
Cyclingnews has stated that.
Regarding T-A yesterday, he had machine problems. Looking forward to see the stage today.

Rina said...

Hmm I have just seen the Andy picture on Cyclingnews. I now get why you have wrote Andy is riding the Giro but Andy has said himself he is not riding the Giro but Paris Nice was change to T-A so why not this.

sansen said...

Hey, are you still praying for George to win Paris-Roubaix?

Maggie said...

Hells Yeah!

The Truth said...

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~The Truth~

Maggie said...

Dear Mr. Truth,

Let me 'splain you something. I, and only I, post on this blog.

I, and only I, allow YOU, the Truth, to COMMENT on posts within this blog. You seen to have the boundaries a bit undefined in your delusional world of whacko conspiracies. Just wanted to sort that out.

Still trying to figure out how Frankie Boy is Homicidal. Does it have something to do with his coalition?

BTW- I'm a big fan of tribunals. Do you go in front of such a group at your parole hearings every 5 years or so? Let me know if you need an advocate.

Helen said...

Cantankerous you say Mr Truth? When did we move onto describing Lance... :S hmm.

I seriously want to know what kinda machine can put out this bullshit so i can save wasting my time on Lance etc.

sansen said...

Happy Birthday Miss Maggie! May your beloved Andy and Christian continue to make you proud in the Grand Tours.

Maggie said...

Thanks Sansenator! 45- I figure I'm halfway to dead.