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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Al-flippin-berto Contadorius Rex

Well, well, well.........Who woulda thunk it? I WOULD HAVE! With my superior intellect I picked Alberto Contador this AM to podium at the Paris-Nice TT. My husband (who only got a 93 on the USA Cycling Official Test) scoffed at me. "PPHHHTTT! (said he of the 93) Contador??!! He's not a Time Trialer- This shows how much you (meaning me) know about cycling."

Well, well, well Mr. Jon (who I soundly beat on the USA Cycling Official Test) Look who is scoffing now. Senior Contador opened a can of whup ass on Wiggo and the rest of the crew. I will admit that I had Wiggo as #1 for the TT. 

Now a look into the future. All those who said that Lance/Cadel/insert name of whatever cyclist you want here had nothing to worry about from Alberto Contador have to be shaking in their Pearl Izumi shoes.

Lance better have some extra pockets sewn into his Livestrong jerseys, because he is going to be carrying a LOT of water bottles for Alberto in the TdF. mwwwhhuuaaahhaaahhaaaaa!

Wiggo- you looked good today kiddo. Contador had better legs- what can I say?

Monsieur Chavenel I am afraid that I will have to issue you a warning because your elbows were beyond 120 deg. throughout your ride today ....superman! With my newly acquired Officialdom I'm slapping a relegation on you boyfriend.


Rina said...

Frankie did very well, have you got videos I have sent you?

sansen said...

Oh, do you have the Chavanel love too?

Maggie said...

Rina Schleck- I have searched my email and do not see any vids from you. Sometimes gmail sends stuff to outer space.

Sansen- as a USA Cycling official I strive to be fair and non-biased. MMWWHHUUAAHAHAHAHA