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Saturday, March 21, 2009

2009 Milan Sanremo

photo: Sirotti
"The Bunch"

Like Cav's ego really needed a boost. IMHO the man to congratulate is Big George Hincapie who led the Manx Missile to victory. Big George is just too awesome for a mere mortal like me to even ascribe adjectives to. Yes- fellow English Major- Sansen- I know that I should not end a sentence with a preposition.


sansen said...

First, all hail George, champion-to-be at Roubaix!

Second, who gives a crap about prepositional endings except Latin language lovers who cannot deal with the fact that the split infinitives issue is dead. You lost Latin lover!

Third, all hail George again!

Maggie said...

The only reason I addressed the lost Latin issue is because I wasn't sure if you were a lost Latin lover. Wanted to CYA. Ya dig?