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Monday, March 30, 2009


photo: Bettini

No doubt you all have read, discussed and reflected on our boy's 2009 Diary entries. But if you have not, please check out the links to the thoughts behind the alternatively steely eyed (above) or rosy cheeked youngsters universally cute persona. Dancin' Andy and More

From discussions of a pimped out team bus, to shooting on the range at training camp; this young scamp is ready to rock and roll in 2009. Let's just hope that his achilles problem does not prove to be prophetic. Looks like no Tour of Flanders this year for the brothers Schleck. Boo! I wish they would ride some more Spring classics. I know I know......the classics are dangerous, shitty weather, cobbles, pave, hair-pin corners, and did I mention mud? I just LOVE them so much. Will Handy Andy ride in Paris Roubaix? Anyone knows pass it on. I can't find any start lists anywhere.

Andy's Mom

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Pippo won the E3 today because he didn't want to be late for his appointment at the salon for a new perm and highlights. Go Tommeke!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Lance Breaks Collar Bone in Vuelta Castille Y Leon

Believe you me- I do not wish a broken collarbone on anyone. I broke mine when I was in 7th grade- skateboarding. My mama didn't believe me for about 2 days (spent moaning in my room) Finally, she couldn't bear the moans anymore and brought me to the hospital; where they had to rebreak and set it. Now, not only was I traumatized for life (which probably explains much of the angst displayed within the contents of this blog) but it was the most painful thing that has ever happened to me....EVER! And let me remind you that I have gone through natural childbirth. 

Anywho, Lance has never broken his collarbone before, which in itself says something about the dude. I have to say that I actually am gaining respect for Sir Lance (especially after he knocked syringe dude into the snow bank at the TOC.) 

Collarbone breaks do not entail the usage of a cast. Think about it. Where would the cast go? They give you this horrible brace kind of thingy, that makes your shoulders stay back. Sleeping is miserable because unfortunately in an unconscious state you have a tendency to roll around (usually onto the side of said collarbone) and then wake up screaming for vicodin. Or in my case children's Bayer. 

Typically, collarbones and cyclists take about 4-6 weeks before the dude can be in serious contention again. And if I'm doing my math correctly this is the end of March and the Giro is in May. I highly doubt that Lance will be in the Giro. And I do actually feel bad for the dude. 

I know that my fellow fan girls may not share my empathy, but I do wish Lance a speedy recovery.........BECAUSE CONTADOR NEEDS A WATER BOTTLE CARRIER! And because he probably would work for AC in the Tour. 

The Crash Scene: Graham Watson

Well that's all for now. Except for the fact that I'm pissed that cycling.tv is not covering this race. Does anyone know of a live stream that they wouldn't mind sharing? I would be forever in your debt.

Yours in fanatic fangirl fanaticism,


Saturday, March 21, 2009

2009 Milan Sanremo

photo: Sirotti
"The Bunch"

Like Cav's ego really needed a boost. IMHO the man to congratulate is Big George Hincapie who led the Manx Missile to victory. Big George is just too awesome for a mere mortal like me to even ascribe adjectives to. Yes- fellow English Major- Sansen- I know that I should not end a sentence with a preposition.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Frank S. at Paris Nice & Andy at 2009 Tirrino

Frank Schleck: Luxembourg national Champ kicked ass in today's final stage or Paris-Nice. You can see by Contador's face that he is really struggling. I actually thought it was quite sad yesterday. I really felt for AC. When the peloton passed him after his legs popped and he bonked- it was truly a tragedy for the Spaniard. It was an awesome stage though. Schleck and Jensie were playing him big time, and it worked.

The 44th Tirrino Adriatico: Our boy is currently 23d in the GC at 3:10.  He's 6th in the Young Riders category. The best bike racer in the universe is using this race as preparation for the 2009 Giro which goes from Saturday, May 9-Sunday, May, 31.

Looking at the results- looks like pretty boy Lovqvist is doing well. Also happy to see Big George in the 20s of the GC. 

Looks like it's going to be a great season fangirls!

Congrats to brother Frank on his 2nd place finish in the 2009 Paris-Nice. Well done! Props to Jensie Voigt who is just a pure animal in my book- love him!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Andy Schleck Sightings

photo: AFP

Ah Ha Ha Ha! I psyched you! Above is a pic of Cuddles, who is about to do irreversible psychological and emotional damage on those poor little kids. He definitely smacked at least one of them- told them to piss off- and probably stole one of their stuffed toys. Anyone notice his wheel sucking in today's P-N stage. What a tool.

Kids: Please sir, may we have some more gruel?
Cuddles: MORE??!! You want more??!! Get away from me you dirty little urchins!

Now to juxtapose the two riders; below is Andy Schleck representing all of the powers of good and righteousness in the known universe and beyond. Is it me, or is their an aura of mystical, crystal light emanating from this bike god of the galaxy?

photo: Sirotti

Go Andy! Looking good my boy! Stage 2- March 12: Volterra-Marina di Carrara, 177k

photo: Sirotti

Stage 2 Tirreno-Adriatico March 12, 2009 Go Andy! I like those shades, dude.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Al-flippin-berto Contadorius Rex

Well, well, well.........Who woulda thunk it? I WOULD HAVE! With my superior intellect I picked Alberto Contador this AM to podium at the Paris-Nice TT. My husband (who only got a 93 on the USA Cycling Official Test) scoffed at me. "PPHHHTTT! (said he of the 93) Contador??!! He's not a Time Trialer- This shows how much you (meaning me) know about cycling."

Well, well, well Mr. Jon (who I soundly beat on the USA Cycling Official Test) Look who is scoffing now. Senior Contador opened a can of whup ass on Wiggo and the rest of the crew. I will admit that I had Wiggo as #1 for the TT. 

Now a look into the future. All those who said that Lance/Cadel/insert name of whatever cyclist you want here had nothing to worry about from Alberto Contador have to be shaking in their Pearl Izumi shoes.

Lance better have some extra pockets sewn into his Livestrong jerseys, because he is going to be carrying a LOT of water bottles for Alberto in the TdF. mwwwhhuuaaahhaaahhaaaaa!

Wiggo- you looked good today kiddo. Contador had better legs- what can I say?

Monsieur Chavenel I am afraid that I will have to issue you a warning because your elbows were beyond 120 deg. throughout your ride today ....superman! With my newly acquired Officialdom I'm slapping a relegation on you boyfriend.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Saturday Silly Quiz 2

What did the Troll known only as "The Truth" call Garmin Slipstream rider, Dan Martin, in an earlier blog entry?

It's that time of week! Time for another asinine quiz to test your knowledge of useless/ful bicycling trivia. This week if you get the wrong answer, you will be subjected to The Harry Potter Puppet Pals. Believe me, you do not want to get anything wrong! Good luck! Again, a disclaimer: I totally ripped off this idea from bikesnob.

What type of vehicle did one of the scumbags who robbed Captain America drive PRIOR to stealing DZ's sweet Subaru Outback?

Why is Levi Leipheimer sticking up 3 fingers in this picture?

How many of the past 4 Paris-Nice winners are dopers?

What is Andy Schleck's fave place outside of Europe?

Why are U.S. cycling fans (particularly in California) such assholes?