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Friday, February 27, 2009

The Yellow Devil Speaks

So here is what the yellow devil has to say for his "live clean-let's wipe out the whole peloton by sticking giant turkey basters at them- antics during the 2009 Amgen Tour of California. My commentary is in tiny print within the contents of his post.


This is the Yellow Devil in Question (why are you using so many capital letters Mr. Devil?). First off...YES!, (what's up with the comma after the exclamation point?) It was Lance that shoved me down in the snow I guess he didn't like the "Live Clean" banner on the back of my cape.(No- he didn't like the fact that if you tripped you could have taken out the whole peloton- you idiot- not to mention the fact that Lance is kind of a dick.)

Don't get me wrong. I Love Cycling, (again, too many caps and commas- Dude, read Eat, Shoots And Leaves) and have been one myself (really? you have been a cycling- I thought that was a gerund- never knew it was a noun, but what do I know?) since my brother got me my Bianchi Spelissimo (note to readers- there is no such bike as a Bianchi Spelissimo, dumbass- do you mean a Specialissima? Have you turned the poor old thing into a fixie? Do you have fenders, racks and a bell?) back in 1989. Greg LeMond is one of my heros (spelled wrong)...although, Miguel Indurain was quite a great cyclist when they were battling. I just want to see Lance come clean and retire already. (OK- I'm with you on this one YD) There are many cyclists these days that I would like to see succeed, and he has done his time, and done well. Let some new blood come up. (I hope you don't mean that literally- I mean, after all, you are carrying around scary looking turkey baster syringes and jabbing them at the nice young riders.


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