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Monday, February 16, 2009

Tom Peterson- ARGYLE ARMADA! and more unanswered questions

Argyle Guy Tom Peterson takes stage 2 of the Amgen Tour of Cali. GO TOMMY! Fellow Argyle guy Steve Cozza wasn't too shabby either as he stayed in the lead group of 10 throughout the race.

  1. How come whenever they mention Tim Johnson- they never say "OMG this dude is like a totally awesome cyclocross dude?"
  2. How come they're all wearing those boring gray rain capes? The only team that had the smarts to put their name on the capes is AG2R. Anyone know the brand those gray capes RR is using are?
  3. Paul Sherwinism of the day: "There's horses for courses." Up there with the Liggittism: "Argy Bargy." Anyone want to start an encyclopedia/dictionary of Phil/Paulisms with me. I really think we could find a market. Oh and "Bizoi Naturale"is good too...heehee. pee break
  4. Still not happy with visuals. Yeah yeah there's clouds in the mountain, but that's where I want to see the guys! Instead I get to see waves and the finish line. Why didn't they hire a 'Nam Vet helicopter Pilot? He wouldn't have been afraid of a few clouds! He also could have shot little rockets at the dudes at the back of the peloton, just to kinda get them going again.
  5. Why did Andy and Frank take off their rain capes right before a torrential downpour?
  6. Who's the idiot chick they had interviewing Tom Zirbel? Is she supposed to be some kind of comedian? 
  7. I love Bob Roll. Do You?
  8.  Why does Sansen call Sven Nys Grendel? Does she mean the mean Grendel of the original Beowulf, the wimpy Grendel of recent motion pictures, or the neanderthal Grendel of Michael Crichton's Eaters of the Dead? (Awesome Book)

Above: an example of ugly RR gray rain capes.

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sansen said...

Grendel of Beowulf fame is described as the equivalent of "cannibalistic" and Nys is nicknamed "The Cannibal," hence Nys is Grendel; that has to be the explanation as Ye Olde Englisch proem is likely of Danish origin. Beowulf-types like Boom come along from time to time, defeating him; but defeat is temporary for Nys because his luck is much better. Now how do you like my BS Reasoning? I enjoy your solution to the sad coverage on VS.