Whose Gloucester video is better?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Some Pics from Niks

Above is a pic of Sansen's boyfriend, Neal Rogers, pointing at something that we can't see.

Andy in the Peloton: Graham Watson

Andy's Tush as he grabs a newspaper from a fan: Graham Watson

Andy heading into the Team bus: Thanks Nikki!

Oakley Twitches are all the rage for Big George -above and Brad Huff - Below Nikki took the Brad Huff pic.

Nikki was at the ToC for Stages 5-7! She caught a few of our boys on film! Nikki- YOU ROCK!


sansen said...

I'm hiring me a lawyer 'cause you're libeling me; ya'll know my heart belongs to Pippo, not Neal!

Helen said...

Yay Brad Huff!!! :D Rocking the Twitches i see.
Sadly, George's are the new jawbone model which i'm not sure of still. I like them better in other colours..