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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday Silly Quiz

How much is the seller asking for this monstrous, hideously bizarre, fixie? 
  1. 900$ US
  2. 1500$ US
  3. 80$ US
  4. Free to a good home

The following was not used to describe this fixed gear bicycle on craigslist:
  1. This bike will rock your world
  2. Maybe you're Lance Armstrong and you're looking for a more bad ass way to train
  3. 100% Hemp saddlebags come with the bike
  4. Equipped with a flippy floppy rear hub for all the sallies out there

What does the term "getting Schlecked" mean?
  1. having sexual intercourse with a person with the last name of Schleck
  2. to get left a humiliated jello legged mess feeling like you're rolling backwards on a climb
  3. to fall into a pool during a photo shoot
  4. to crash yourself out of contention

So I am kind of stealing...errrr...adapting this quiz thing from Bike Snob. I love that dude's blogs. He sure hates fixies.

Here's how it works. You will get an image (sometimes.) and a question. You will have 4 choices. Whenever you choose the wrong answer you will have to watch and listen to the Triathlon Song . This will get really old real fast, so get those answers right! 

The picture above comes from the 2008 Tour de France. As of July 23, 2008; how Many times did Cadel have public outbursts during the TdF that indicated he has serious anger management issues


Joe Biker said...

Thanks for the love Maggie! Happy Shlecking from The Best Bike Blog Ever.



sansen said...

Miss Maggie, I am rather surprised by your posting the image of Cuddles which may cause someone, who is half-insane, to think that you "hearts" him...

Yes yes, I am kidding.