Whose Gloucester video is better?

Saturday, February 21, 2009

One pic of yellow devil i missed......

Check out who is in the background laughing........Andy Schleck the Best Bike Racer in the Universe!!!!!!!


yellodevil said...

well...as I was dusting the snow off my cape, a few riders passed by...as well as the brilliant Andy Schleck. He was smiling and chuckling, but that is what he does, he smiles and chuckles all the time. Although I do believe Andy to be one of the best young riders of this and many other grand tours, his status as "Best Bike Racer in the Universe" has yet to be determined. As for the other riders I talked to in Clovis. The main sentiment I I got was that they were chuckling more at the fact that I got inside Lance' head so easily.

Yellow Devil-1
Lance Armstrong-0


Helen said...

Hehe, yellow devil, you rock!
and that's an awesome photo, definitely gonna put that on my cycling wall next year.
oh yeah, i'm making one wall of my room cycling only. Mwuha.

Maggie said...

You go Yellow Devil! I'm all for getting into Sir Lance's head. Just don't trip up any of my favorite boys! Stay away from the Schlecks and anyone wearing Garmin.

PS I heard a fan screwed up VdV today- anyone hear anything about that?

Rule for next year- No speedos on fat jerks. Also, how bout a 5K run for all of the idiots (up the climbs) PRIOR to the peloton coming through?

Don't they have barriers in the final K or 2 of the big European climbs? The fans were really annoying- and dangerous.

Marleen said...

I agree those fans, who were running with the riders, were really annoying :S and dangerous