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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Nice Andy pic

Andy Schleck 2009 Tour of California


G Dan Mitchell said...

Hey, I'm glad you like my photo but I'd be grateful if you would a)ask me if you can include it on your site and b) make the underlying link point to my photograph on the web (the Flickr URL would be fine but my own site would be better) rather than your copy.

Here is the link to my post of my photograph with accompanying story and a link to the version on Flickr.


G Dan Mitchell

Maggie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Maggie said...

Sorry Mr. Mitchell,

I have removed the photo. My bad I thought giving credit and a link to the URL location of the image would be sufficient.

Have no fear- I will never again do any free promotion for your photos for fear of being chastised.

If you don't want others to share your photos you might want to a) not post them on the internet, and b) DEFINITELY do not have or use a Flickr account.

You need to take a serious chill pill dude. Seriously.

Maggie said...

Oh yeah- just checked the URL link- it points to your site not my "copy"

Good luck with sales!

Eva said...

Me personally thinks the word Leipi also fits for this guy :S

Another Photographer said...

Maggie, you are an idiot.
Your logic for copyright disregard is idiotic. Get a clue. Go ahead and attack me with more flawed logic.

Anonymous said...

Ok g dan you can't fool me by signing a fake handle. You are right- you will always be right- and it must be great to know that you are such a righteous dude.

Helen said...

As a photographer myself i have had issues with people taking images but if you credit well and link i can't see the problem. it's not like we can buy them off here, besides i wouldnt have found your site otherwise, so it's free publicity. but dont worry, i'll check elsewhere for the images Mr Mitchell, clearly yours are too precious.

G Dan Mitchell said...

Just saw your response to my message about using my photo. Your response confuses me - I'm not sure you read or understood my point. My main problem was that you didn't ask if you could post the photo and you didn't even link it to my site.

A good place to start would be to ask if it is OK to include the photo on your site - you never know, I might even say yes.

Take care,


BTW: I did not post the message from "Another Photographer," and I have no idea who did. I don't believe in posting anonymously.

Maggie said...

Dude- whatever. I apologize if I confused you. Handle it. Your pic OK- your 'tude needs some dharmic realignment.

G Dan Mitchell said...

Last post on this. I think you are misreading me as some angry guy. Ain't so.

If you reread my original post I basically just suggested that you ask me before using my photo and that the link go back to my site - and I later said that I might have even said "yes" to the request. I do from time to time.

I think you are reading a lot more into my post than is really there. Anyway, have a great evening.

Take care,


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