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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Marianne Vos: The Cadel Evans of Women's Cycling

Marianne Vos (Above Center) proved to be the wheelsucking female equivalent of Cadel "Cuddles" Evans at today's Cyclocross World Championships. Yes, the manner in which she won was legal, BUT WAS IT RIGHT??!!

Katie Compton (above right) took 3d after having 12 seconds over the next rider after the end of lap 3.  She busted her behind. Then Hanka Kupfernagel (hee hee - sorry I love that name- sounds like she should be a muppet- above left) caught up with Katie and they were full throttle. Hanka didn't really want to take the lead, but she recognized the certain niceties that are followed by some in cycling and pulled her weight at the front for a bit.


Vos wheelsucked her way to victory with Compton and Kupfernagel taking turns at the front. Both slowed practically to a crawl (an engraved invite to Vos- saying "Yo- your turn girlfriend!" Vos ignored them and cheerfully attached herself to their wheels and was dragged along to the final spring where beat Kupfernagel by .01 sec and Compton by .02.

I'm sorry- that kind of a win just ticks me off. You could tell the other two were trying not to smack her at the following press conference and on the podium. Look at the picture above. Do either of the women on the outside look like they plan on hanging with Marianne any time soon. The answer is no flippin' way!

Anyway, I have to wait for Jon to come home to watch the men's race. It's totally awesome- we have our new big old flat screen HD TV wired into Cycling.tv. Totally Rocks! Can't wait til Tour of California and Paris-Roubaix!


Lance in your pants said...

How dare a cyclist use strategy to win a race. Oh the humanity!

Maggie said...

Tanya Harding had a strategy too.

Helen said...

Note for you Lance fan. Strategy that involves not pulling or attacking= boring once repeated. You can use strategy to win and still be interesting- see Contador's riding for reference.

And wow, i would like a similar set-up! If i'm lucky and Eurosport's coverage doesn't coincide with my work shifts or travelling my Dad may let me watch those races on our 40 inch HD..but it's not on the wall.. hm.

sansen said...

Hey Maggie, I just might show up on your doorstep for some serious race watching so beware!

Maggie said...

Come on over Sansen!

Anke said...

I don't think she is the cadel evans of women's cycling.. Firts of all, she's Dutch (Dutch girls are amazing) And maybe you have to watch vids from the Olympics.. Rest my case