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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Now I know this isn't the easiest photo to see this from, but Lance Armstrong's cap (under his yellow helmet) says Mellow Johnny's Bike Shop. 

I brought this up to someone like this: "HEY! WTF? How come Sir Lance gets to shill for his bike shop while all the other guys have to wear their team kits exclusively?"

The response I got was: "But he had cancer."

This is the response I typically get when I am blah blubbedy blahing on the topic of Lance and why I think he should not have come back. OK- I will let him wear the Livestrong shit, bracelets and whatnot, but come on! Even if his cap said "fight Cancer" or something- I could live with that.

 If any other rider was sporting a cap that clearly is an ad for his own bike shop the UCI probably would have pulled him and given him a stern talking to. And then tested his urine, blood, feces, hair follicles, and possibly done a biopsy on his big toe or something.

But no! Not Lance----because he had cancer. (and won 7 TdFs)

The C word apparently takes all the rules and regs, crumples them up into a big ball and proceeds to throw them into a large container with Haz Mat logo on the side which will then be dumped into San Francisco Bay. 

I suppose it's a little thing- back to the subject of the Mellow Johnny's Bike Shop Hat- in the overall scheme of the universe, but just for once I'd like to see an official go up to Sir L and rip him a new a-hole while ripping the Mellow Johnny's Bike Shop cap off of his large arrogant head. 

BTW- I just finished stripping and spray painting Lance's TT bike. shhhhhh! It's now a fixed gear with fenders, racks, a bell and is Safety orange. I will be posting it on Ebay later today.

I really need to stop hatin'


Ilaria said...

You ought send this post to Too much Armstrong group on FB! I completely agree.Indignation is different from hatred.

Helen said...

My main bitterness is when i try and make a point about why Armstrong isn't my favourite rider i get met with one of two answers, either the 'ohh but he had cancer' one you received. Or 'well he's a legend, he won 7 tours'. Fine? You wanna use that second one, how about pointing out that Contador has won three in just over 1 year and how disrespectful it is for everyone to ignore him for Lance and demote him to sub-captain for someone old who has unretired.

As you can see, it's not so much hating on my part as blase about the Armstrong factor. Yes, it's great he supports the fight against cancer but really he could have done it without the cycling.
The fact is he needs cycling (now that he's bored of hollywood and not winning stuff), not the other way round. Cycling was fine with the new generation, the up and coming riders, the Grand Tour riders we already had/have.

You make very valid points and so my rant ends here. Phew!

sansen said...

Perhaps Mr McQuaid will obey Mr Armstrong; if Mr Armstrong desires to promote his products, then he shall and will do so without any interference because the UCI will get its cut to fund the Bahamian holidays the executives have planned.

Rose said...

Haha Maggie that post was gosh-darn hilarious! I laughed a bit too much methinks, but your distaste of the Masterlance is just classic.

I don't personally dislike him. But nor do I like him. He's just okay, I spose. The hype does get a little wearing. Or a lot wearing.

But I'm personally looking forward to the moment, during the Tour de France this year, when the Masterlance and Contador hurl their one-of-a-kind Treks onto the tarmac and start Their Impending And Inevitable Bitchfight. And if the Masterlance's hype adds to the potential of that bitchfight, I can deal with it. :D