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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lance Fans

I am going to view this from an anthropologic point of view (photo by Devich BTW)

Your typical Lance Fan:
  1. Feels the needs to cover his balls with a piece of yellow and/or black poster paper
  2. Has to have the arrogant chin up pose
  3. Wears skunk wig over shaved head (head is shaved to honor chemo patients)
  4. Spray paints his chest yellow for that jaundiced look
  5. Apparently think that duct tape coming off will be as easy as duct tape going on
Fer real- More power to you Lance- if you can keep these jamokes off the streets (where they try to buy X and oxycontin, but are usually laughed at by drug dealers) and get them on your bandwagon- who knows- the possibilities are endless. 

On another note: Poor Cav.......heehee. Where the hell was he when Renshaw was trying to bring him up to the front for yesterday's spring finish? Bitch talking with a RR Rider- that's what I say. Cervelo TT's leadout was a thing of beauty that brought the god of thunder to victory. Hail to the god of thunder!


Lance In Your Pants said...

Obsess much?

Maggie said...

errmm... excuse me Mr. In Your Pants; did you happen to notice the name of this blog.

By the way- nice job screwing up the whole peloton with your antler man get-up today. Loser.

Lance In Your Pants. said...

You should change the blog title to

Andy Schleck: A pretty face can't win a race.

Helen said...

Yay!!! Mr. Pants is posting again!! Cos i just hang on your every word, you know you're so right about everything and is it ok if i bow to you? Oh hell i'm gonna do it anyway! :D

And on a less sarcastic tone, Andy is 23 for christs sake! Give the boy a chance. Besides pretty faces do win races, see Boonen, Contador etc for reference.