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Monday, February 16, 2009

If you were a director sportif what would you do?????

So- how good is Mancebo at Time Trialing? Are the big boys going to attack today? Or will they let the Rock Racing Cadillacs continue to splash water all over the cameraman. Oh yeah and why the hell is there like only one camera man anyway? And Arnold Schwarzenegger looks really old. And Andy Schleck got BYR yesterday and is 18 in the GC! But his time is like 1.20 which is doable right? especially with some mountains coming up. And is Frank sick or what? I hear Carlos has the flu and we all know Fab Fab left for Switzerland cuz of the flu. Or did he really just come to win the prologue? And will the other teams let RR defend all week and then squash them? Oh yeah- just saw the weather- it's raining in the WHOLE FLIPPIN' STATE OF CALIFORNIA TODAY!

What would you do if you were a Director Sportif????? If I were a European Racer (Or an American used to racing in Europe- where things seem to make more sense cycling-wise) I'd be wicked pissed at the lack or organization and communication exhibited in yesterday's stage. WTF? They changed the timing for the GC classification when the dudes were coming off the mountain. Johan Bruyneel is pissed and I don't blame him!

I imagine some of these dudes won't be coming back to cali next year. We should call the Terminator and get this shit sorted out.

OMG- so many unanswered questions!

Above is the profile for today's stage, Saulsalito to Santa Cruz.

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sansen said...

DS Sansen would conspire with other DS types so that they would all make race organizers pedal for five hours in the rain so said organizers could acquire some common sense so King Johan does not get angry enough to become the Belgian version of the Incredible Hulk which would be more frightening that Levi leading the Robot invasion.