Whose Gloucester video is better?

Saturday, February 14, 2009


His time was 2 1/2 seconds from 2nd place Creepy Levi. It was a great race! Helen and I were biting our nails. VdV took 22nd- not bad at all IMHO. What kind of sucked was when Lancy boy took off they basically dissed Boonen and other awesome dudes insofar as visuals. 

1. Fab Fab (sporting rock star gold Oakleys)
2. Creepy guy
3. DZ's Nuts
4. Mick Rogers
5. God of Thunder
6.  Big George!
7. Tommeke of the lovely ass
8. Mark Renshaw
9. Svein Tuft
10. Sir Lance

Woot! 2 Garmin guys in top 10! TTT is lookin' good except for the fact that Tom Peterson missed his start time. WTF? Tyler Farrar came in a strong 14th!

Frank and Andy didn't look so hot today, but this is just the beginning! It's going to be an awesome tour!


sansen said...

And the Top Ten has two Awesome Aussies too!

Ilaria said...

They looked cute, anyway :D

Lance in your pants said...

Great Job Lance!!

So the washed up has been puts up a better finish than the wonder boy Schleck.

You guys are going to be so pissed when Lance wins it all.

Helen said...

Lance IYP- Erm the word DUH springs to mind. I think we all know Lance is a better TT guy than the Schlecks put togethor, we dont claim otherwise.

Btw Lance man, how does the Mancebo victory taste? Bitter much. It might not be my ideal result but hell it made me smile.

Bridget said...

Aussie's reppin' in up in Cali :D

Maggie said...

Mikey boy is kickin ass.

Here's my question- is the peloton going to let
RR defend all week and then stomp on them? Astana looks pretty offensive. they prob won't take over today.

When is the TT?