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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Credit where credit is due

So  yesterday was stage 4 of the TOC. Many exciting moments including the "by a tire" sprint finish where Cav just barely beat Tommeke. Cav gave the victory arms up and then was like "Holy shit! Where'd he come from?" They had to replay it- it was that close.

My sympathies go out to Kim Kirchen (Columbia) and Oscar Freire (Rabobank) who both crashed big time. Looks like a collarbone break or dislocation for Kim. You could see his shoulder hanging down. Oscar seemed to have a bad cut on his knee and was holding his chest- possibly some broken ribs. Loyd Flanders-Ouch- was also involved in the crash. Afterwards when he rejoined the peloton, you could see he was quite angry. How dare anyone mess with his time.

Christian VdV also hit pave. Looks like a knee injury, but he rejoined the peloton so I hope he's OK. Saw him with the medical car, but he finished. Fingers crossed here.

Now here is where I give credit where credit is due. The last climb of the day was Crane Valley Road. There were many many psychofans/hecklers. Antler man was there without his flag, but he actually ran in the middle of the road and screwed up the whole peloton as they tried to avoid being impaled by one of his antlers.

There were devils, grim reapers, half nekkid people running all over the place, making for a very dangerous ride for our boys. I apologize in advance for my countrymens' idiocy. Anywho, one of these dim bulbs was wearing a grim reaper type of outfit and had a trident with syringes on each tip. His poster said "Live Clean." Well this poster child for abortions was sticking his trident at the riders, running along amongst them and generally wreaking havoc and mayhem. Can you wreak mayhem?

So, after watching this for about 5-10 minutes the man with one testicle kicked the dude off the road and into the ditch. You guessed it-- Sir Lance. Now I still think he should have not unretired. Still think he's an arrogant prick. BUT- kicking that a-hole off the road did raise my estimation of the holy one just a hair. 

Versus didn't show this it was on cycling.tv with Marty and Maggy. I'm trying to find a picture. If anyone finds one- send it this way. I am going to have to watch that stage again. I'll try to record it for you guys. Classic!

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