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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Why George Hincapie Absolutely Must Win the 2009 Paris-Roubaix

As I watched the WC Cyclocross in Roubaix today, I got to thinking about that brutal April Classic and how much I really want Big George Hincapie to win the damn thing this year. George has targeted this race as his opus (if you will.) It's the pie in the sky, the penultimate achievement for this seasoned vet. He has almost won it so many times that anyone with a heart larger than that of the Grinch has to be rooting for him. He placed 2nd in 2005. He's placed 4th (twice), 6th (twice), 8th and 9th. George has been gunning for that top podium spot in "A Sunday in Hell" for so long that this fangirl thinks he deserves it this year. He deserves the mounted cobble on a piece of marble that goes to the winner. 

2006 had me in tears- big time. This was the awful, terrible, shit for luck Paris Roubaix. It just seems like every flippin' year something happens to keep Glorious George off the podium, but this was the worst. With 45 K to go and in serious contention; Big George's handlebars just fell off the stem. George screwed up his shoulder and watched some other jamoke ride victorious into the Velodrome that day. Just looking at him in the above photo makes me want to pat him on his good shoulder and tell him there's always next year. A platitude I am sure he is very sick of hearing. He would probably have thrown the damn handlebars at me and I wouldn't have blamed him a bit. 

If you consider George Hincapie to be a dedicated, keeping it real, kind of pro cyclist as I do; then we must come together as universal fangirls to cheer Big George on in April. Paris Roubaix has always been one of my favorite races; just for the sheer potency of the conflicts within this race. Man versus self being number one in my book. 

George- May the force be with you in April. We all know that you can do it. 

That is my Jedi Hobbit message for the day.

Oh yeah- one more thing. Lance Sucks.

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sansen said...


Yes, I would like a certain Swissman to win this again, but this is the time for George to have the Cobbled Glory. Heh, it would be awesome if he rode into the velodrome ahead of some "young(er) punks" just because it adds extra entertainment value.