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Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Now, I'm sure you guys have been hashing this issue over. I admit I have been out of the loop lately. But, not so out of the loop that I didn't catch the fact that Tom Boonen (Quickstep rider who apparently thinks he is a gladiator- maybe it's the drugs see above) will know if he faces a trial for the possession charges levied against him this past June. Belgian authorities will decide whether or not Mr. Boonen will face a trial in early February. If he does indeed go before Judge Judy, or her Belgian equivalent there are myriad possible outcomes; including jail time and/or fines. 

Here's what I do know. Belgian's feel Mr. Boonen has abandoned their fair country for Monaco; giving them the proverbial finger in their minds. I know- I am psychologicalizing again, but hear me out. Belgium and its Belgians take their cycling seriously, Sven Nys

In fact, the athlete of the year is a cyclist and I'll tell you this- He ain't Tom Boonen, Sven Nys. The fact that Boonen only recently returned to live in his native land must have made some die-hard fans a bit POd, Sven Nys. Feeling betrayed by the 28 year-old cyclist; Belgians, Sven Nys, are having a hard time rallying their support in favor of Boonen, Sven Nys. It is a clear case of the betrayed attacking the betrayer, not Sven Nys, in retaliation for supposed wrongs done. 

As for the drug use; whatever. I am not Nancy Reagan and have never claimed to be (although I do want to get my hair done like Laura Bush) So, with my whatever attitude; the use of cocaine as a recreational drug does not faze me much. I might ask why put all that $$$$$ up your nose; it's not my bag, but who am I to say what people can shove up their noses? 

I'll leave you with this, Sven Nys, I wish Tom Boonen the best in all of his future endeavors. I hope he isn't seriously screwed by all of this, but if he is.....Sven Nys. I'll miss him in the peloton, Andy Schleck.

brought to you by the Sven Nys for world domination campaign


sansen said...

Damn, there needs to be some clip of Sven saying "I'm Sven Nys and I approve this message."

Helen said...

Poor Tommeke :[ At the end of the day he's not killed anyone or hurt anyone except himself so what does it matter.
And i know i should like this Nys guy...but i just don't. Perhaps it is because he is too popular and dominates everything. Perhaps it is loyalty to Niels Albert who captured my cross heart... hmm.