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Monday, January 19, 2009

The Pocket Rocket Rocks (Lance...not so much)

Robbie Rockets to the podium in Adelaid. Go Robbie! Even though I have no idea how to spell or pronounce your team's name. I think it's something like Katchoosha. Should I say God bless you?
So, I'm watching this so called highlight thingie of yesterday's race in Australia. Do I get highlights? Yes about 2 minutes worth. The rest of my time was wasted in watching a boring interview with Sir Lance and Paul Sherwin. Did you know that the press conference Lance gave in Australia was the largest in that nation's history? I didn't. There were more people in attendance than when US pres. Bill Clinton showed up a few years back. Additionally, Sir Phil ascribed the 138,000 crowd watching the race to Lance's presence. huh.
Now to give the man his due; in his interview Lance says his return to cycling is for 2 reasons. 1. He doesn't want his exit to be a "sports ending." Or a "sports legacy." He wants to bring exposure to his cause; awareness of cancer. OK- I'll bite. Then why not devote your time and millions to cancer research. Go back to school Lance and become a researcher for the disease. 2. He has rediscovered his passion for cycling. OK- I can buy that.
Paul also asked him why TDU and not Amgen TOCal? Lance says there is not as much cycling mania in the US. None of the US races have been around long enough for him; whereas the TDU has been around for about 12 years. Well Lance, the Tour of California has been around since 2003 and I don't appreciate your disdain for US races. Hey- we have a long way to go, but WTF? Can't you show a little national pride here? Oh that's right- your cause is global- and you are a global personality. whatever.
Furthermore, Sir Lance says that he came into the sport in 1992 at the front, and he plans to leave at the front. Didn't you already do that in 2005, Mr. Armstrong? I'm sensing some doublespeak here.
There, my vitriol is spent and I can now proceed to have a happy day. Congrats on your nonimpressive 64th place finish in yesterday's race Mr. Armstrong. Please go back into retirement. I really don't want to be embarrassed by you during this year's pro season.
Whatever it is you think you are going to achieve with this comeback ain't gonna happen. Go back to Texas and do something productive with your life.


basicrider said...

Please stop your hatred towards Lance. Its going to be a long season, made even longer by your tedious vitriole.

Maggie said...

Be quiet Jon. And yes I know that I used the wrong word in the Hincapie post. Go back to work so that I can continue to live in the manner to which I have become accustomed. :P

Maggie said...

Jon also since the race was a crit I am just advertising my ignorance. oh well

Helen said...

Hehe. Go Robbie/every other ride except he who shall not be named. Maybe Jesus Hernandez will get bored of his slow pace and shoot off on his own :D