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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Did I already Post This?

Senior moment here. Frank, Fab Fab Fabian, Andy et al shamelessly promote prologo saddles. Add DZ Nuts and you  will have a great ride. Love DZ thanks for sharing that link, Helen. Jon and I have been laughing our asses off watching all of his commercials. The man is truly nuts! 

Also real quick. If you want to subscribe to VdV's Twitter click the link. He updates it frequently. The man is rooming right now with DZ at training camp in Silver City. 

In more news; you can check out Garmin-Slipstream's 2009 kit here. I think I like it. 

Anyhow enjoy listening to sexy cyclists talk about protecting their junk.

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sansen said...

How soon before all of our favorite cyclists, except Zabel, are on Twitter?