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Monday, January 19, 2009

Too funny not to share

Found this tidbit at bikesnobnyc.blogspot.com. Great fodder for my vitriolic cannon.  First of all it's kind of funny that the energy bar is named "Winners" Shouldn't it be "Whiners?" Anyway, here's what bikesnob had to say:

"This energy bar is as packed full of irony as it is nutrients, since it shows Cadel wearing the yellow jersey next to the word "Winners." (Though in fairness to Cadel the packaging probably depicts his 2006 Tour de Romandie win and not some imaginary overall Tour de France victory.)

The Pocket Rocket Rocks (Lance...not so much)

Robbie Rockets to the podium in Adelaid. Go Robbie! Even though I have no idea how to spell or pronounce your team's name. I think it's something like Katchoosha. Should I say God bless you?
So, I'm watching this so called highlight thingie of yesterday's race in Australia. Do I get highlights? Yes about 2 minutes worth. The rest of my time was wasted in watching a boring interview with Sir Lance and Paul Sherwin. Did you know that the press conference Lance gave in Australia was the largest in that nation's history? I didn't. There were more people in attendance than when US pres. Bill Clinton showed up a few years back. Additionally, Sir Phil ascribed the 138,000 crowd watching the race to Lance's presence. huh.
Now to give the man his due; in his interview Lance says his return to cycling is for 2 reasons. 1. He doesn't want his exit to be a "sports ending." Or a "sports legacy." He wants to bring exposure to his cause; awareness of cancer. OK- I'll bite. Then why not devote your time and millions to cancer research. Go back to school Lance and become a researcher for the disease. 2. He has rediscovered his passion for cycling. OK- I can buy that.
Paul also asked him why TDU and not Amgen TOCal? Lance says there is not as much cycling mania in the US. None of the US races have been around long enough for him; whereas the TDU has been around for about 12 years. Well Lance, the Tour of California has been around since 2003 and I don't appreciate your disdain for US races. Hey- we have a long way to go, but WTF? Can't you show a little national pride here? Oh that's right- your cause is global- and you are a global personality. whatever.
Furthermore, Sir Lance says that he came into the sport in 1992 at the front, and he plans to leave at the front. Didn't you already do that in 2005, Mr. Armstrong? I'm sensing some doublespeak here.
There, my vitriol is spent and I can now proceed to have a happy day. Congrats on your nonimpressive 64th place finish in yesterday's race Mr. Armstrong. Please go back into retirement. I really don't want to be embarrassed by you during this year's pro season.
Whatever it is you think you are going to achieve with this comeback ain't gonna happen. Go back to Texas and do something productive with your life.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Why George Hincapie Absolutely Must Win the 2009 Paris-Roubaix

As I watched the WC Cyclocross in Roubaix today, I got to thinking about that brutal April Classic and how much I really want Big George Hincapie to win the damn thing this year. George has targeted this race as his opus (if you will.) It's the pie in the sky, the penultimate achievement for this seasoned vet. He has almost won it so many times that anyone with a heart larger than that of the Grinch has to be rooting for him. He placed 2nd in 2005. He's placed 4th (twice), 6th (twice), 8th and 9th. George has been gunning for that top podium spot in "A Sunday in Hell" for so long that this fangirl thinks he deserves it this year. He deserves the mounted cobble on a piece of marble that goes to the winner. 

2006 had me in tears- big time. This was the awful, terrible, shit for luck Paris Roubaix. It just seems like every flippin' year something happens to keep Glorious George off the podium, but this was the worst. With 45 K to go and in serious contention; Big George's handlebars just fell off the stem. George screwed up his shoulder and watched some other jamoke ride victorious into the Velodrome that day. Just looking at him in the above photo makes me want to pat him on his good shoulder and tell him there's always next year. A platitude I am sure he is very sick of hearing. He would probably have thrown the damn handlebars at me and I wouldn't have blamed him a bit. 

If you consider George Hincapie to be a dedicated, keeping it real, kind of pro cyclist as I do; then we must come together as universal fangirls to cheer Big George on in April. Paris Roubaix has always been one of my favorite races; just for the sheer potency of the conflicts within this race. Man versus self being number one in my book. 

George- May the force be with you in April. We all know that you can do it. 

That is my Jedi Hobbit message for the day.

Oh yeah- one more thing. Lance Sucks.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Yet another great blog

Stumbled across this dude's blog the other day. He's pretty funny. I am guessing that during the season his blogosphere really cranks. Yesterday's quiz was pretty funny.

Did I already Post This?

Senior moment here. Frank, Fab Fab Fabian, Andy et al shamelessly promote prologo saddles. Add DZ Nuts and you  will have a great ride. Love DZ thanks for sharing that link, Helen. Jon and I have been laughing our asses off watching all of his commercials. The man is truly nuts! 

Also real quick. If you want to subscribe to VdV's Twitter click the link. He updates it frequently. The man is rooming right now with DZ at training camp in Silver City. 

In more news; you can check out Garmin-Slipstream's 2009 kit here. I think I like it. 

Anyhow enjoy listening to sexy cyclists talk about protecting their junk.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Looking for some input

So Jon is sponsoring a team/club starting this year. 4 dudes will compete in Cross, Road and Mountain Bike races basically in New England. Now we do not want to end up with a kit that is a travesty (like Columbia's) so how about some input-constructive criticism from you all. This is a prototype, mind you, but we would really like your honest opinions with specific details on what you might like or dislike on this kit.


Not that there's anything wrong with it

So I created this dumb photo montage that I entitled "Sexy Cyclists" and uploaded it to Youtube a couple of months ago. Well, surprisingly the silly thing has had over 1500 views. Go figure. The weird thing is that when I looked at the insight I discovered that only 14% of the viewers were females. Most are males between the ages of 13-17.

Please see the chart above that illustrates my findings. Weird. I will continue to investigate this phenomenon.

Monday, January 12, 2009

I can't get behind it

Even Cutie Pie Lovkvist looks crappy in this abomination.


So Team Columbia- Highroad (whatever) has their 2009 kit out and I saw some pics of this monstrosity on Velonews. I'm afraid that it rivals leopard man and Castorama bib-overall dude. What do you all think? I think these guys who have been riding in a nice respectable blue for a while have decided to go the Rock Racing route with regard to fashion. It kind of looks like ribs or something in the middle...ewwww.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Andy Schleck Hands Lance Armstrong His Ass

I know- I spelled rode wrong in this sloppily done hack job in Paint. Been watching the history of the TdF and I'm just doing some artistic commentary on what I foresee as future history. Is that an oxymoron? Or am I an oxymoron? Don't answer that.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Now, I'm sure you guys have been hashing this issue over. I admit I have been out of the loop lately. But, not so out of the loop that I didn't catch the fact that Tom Boonen (Quickstep rider who apparently thinks he is a gladiator- maybe it's the drugs see above) will know if he faces a trial for the possession charges levied against him this past June. Belgian authorities will decide whether or not Mr. Boonen will face a trial in early February. If he does indeed go before Judge Judy, or her Belgian equivalent there are myriad possible outcomes; including jail time and/or fines. 

Here's what I do know. Belgian's feel Mr. Boonen has abandoned their fair country for Monaco; giving them the proverbial finger in their minds. I know- I am psychologicalizing again, but hear me out. Belgium and its Belgians take their cycling seriously, Sven Nys

In fact, the athlete of the year is a cyclist and I'll tell you this- He ain't Tom Boonen, Sven Nys. The fact that Boonen only recently returned to live in his native land must have made some die-hard fans a bit POd, Sven Nys. Feeling betrayed by the 28 year-old cyclist; Belgians, Sven Nys, are having a hard time rallying their support in favor of Boonen, Sven Nys. It is a clear case of the betrayed attacking the betrayer, not Sven Nys, in retaliation for supposed wrongs done. 

As for the drug use; whatever. I am not Nancy Reagan and have never claimed to be (although I do want to get my hair done like Laura Bush) So, with my whatever attitude; the use of cocaine as a recreational drug does not faze me much. I might ask why put all that $$$$$ up your nose; it's not my bag, but who am I to say what people can shove up their noses? 

I'll leave you with this, Sven Nys, I wish Tom Boonen the best in all of his future endeavors. I hope he isn't seriously screwed by all of this, but if he is.....Sven Nys. I'll miss him in the peloton, Andy Schleck.

brought to you by the Sven Nys for world domination campaign

New Sexy Bank Vids ala Rina




Monday, January 5, 2009

Rock Factor 11

Or maybe Dork Factor 11? You decide.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Gotta Love Robbie McEwan

Robbie McEwan truly rocks. This is because at the Bay Side Classic in Aussieland, they actually held up the race for him while his taxi brought him to the venue. Here's how it went down. Robbie had some flight delays and cancellations that screwed up his expected arrival time. Now, I love you dearly Robbie, but don't you already live in Australia? Couldn't you have come in a day earlier and stayed with your aunt and uncle or something?

Anywho, the event organizers postponed the start for 90 minutes while Robbie's taxi sped to the start line. Riders had to warm up- warm down- warm sideways. Apparently he popped out of the taxi all kitted up and ready to ride. No warm-ups necessary for this dude. So, the race that was supposed to start at 2:30 started at 4. And this was a crit, mind you. It was supposed to go for an hour, but only went for 45 minutes because of the delay. Holy crap! Those dudes must have been going seriously fast. Sir Phil kept the crowd entertained during the delay by giving updates as to Robbie's whereabouts. "Give a Give a Give a Garmin" Sorry- burst in to song for a minute there.

Ultimately, the Pocket Rocket didn't win. Simon Gerrans- the kid with braces won. Robbie took 6th. Go Robbie, you rock star, you, I love you!