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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

J-Pow Rocks!

US Cross Racer, Jeremy Powers, came in at lucky 13 today at the Azencross Loenhout, Belgium. He was right up there with the big boys the whole time! Lars Boom crashed out hard in the first lap. Went right over his handlebars. Looked like his chain slipped, his foot came out and it was "hello pavement!" He landed on his right wrist pretty hard. Hope he's OK. 

Ryan Trebon did not finish. What's up with that??????? 

My bud Matt Shriver is bummed because he came in last, but I say- hey dude- just being in there with those dudes is awesome. Sven Nys came in 2nd. I don't know- but for some reason that makes me happy. 

Anybody know if Friday's and Sunday's races will be streamed? Today's was on sports.be. Friday is in Sint- Niklaas and Sunday is in Tuerveren. Any streaming info would be greatly appreciated!

Happy New Year to all if I don't talk to you all before then.

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sansen said...

Whatever shall happen if Sven Nys loses the GP Sven Nys?