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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Giro Update

First of all, let me deeply apologize for my lack of blogging. No excuses really, but I'll invent some anyway. Too busy, off season for Road, on season for 'Cross (going to the Ice Weasels Cometh tomorrow:), lazy, ADHD, whatever one I can blame it on.

Anyhow, above is a pic of young Andy kicking some Quickstep ass at the 2008 Tour de Suisse. This was the day after Frank went "whoops- didn't see that guardrail there- hello ravine" Stage 5.

So, I don't usually get all hopped up about the Giro when I should be out shopping for presents that nobody will want and will probably return anyway, but I thought it was interesting that Young Andy has opted out of this year's Giro to focus on the TdF. I kinda figured that since Sir Lancelot would be there, Andy would want to outgun the man from Texas with the serious firepower that is Team CSC- or whatever their name is now.  I would love to see Andy and Frank open the can of you know what on Lancy Boy a bit earlier than July.

In other non-news- Cadel Evans is also forgoing the Giro in order to focus on the Tour; despite announcements from that snoring company that he would ride in the 1st Grand Tour of the 2009 season. In his typically whiny way he told the press that he didn't know why they would announce him as a rider in the Giro- that it was probably to drum up some interest in him. NOT! Wake up call to Cadel---- Good morning Mr. Evans it is 5:18 AM and NO ONE CARES!



sansen said...

Miss Maggie, take care.

Maggie said...

R u worried about me sansen? ;)

sansen said...

Maybe, maybe not; either way, your comments/posts are missed.