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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

10 (OK 6) Reasons why Jeremy Powers Rocks

1. He easily bunny hops barriers. See below:

2. He is a really nice guy to his fans. He had nice words for us at Mercer after slogging through the mud for 45 minutes. And, he is an awesome Facebook friend. Not mentioning any names (RT,) but some riders are not so friendly to fans.

3. He offers lessons on how to be an awesome Cross Racer. Plus his car is kind of junky. For some reason I think that's cool.

4. Apparently Jeremy is a drummer in some kind of fishbowl. Drummers rock! Is that really THE Jeremy Powers though? Looks like a little kid to me. 

5. When he crashes it does not seem to faze him much. The guy going OW in the background is a bit annoying though.

6. His name is just so awesome. Check out his blog  on Missing Saddles as he races in Europe over the next couple of weeks.



Helen said...

Anyone who can get over a barrier like that is cool! Happy new year to you :]

Nikki said...

How could you not come up with 10? Seriously? This is Jeremy we're talking about. I think it might've been harder to stop with JUST 10! Jeremy totally rocks and I agree - he is super sweet to his tifosa!

Maggie said...

I know- I know- I was totally stimgy with the reasons for rockitude. All I can say is that I am lazy. Check out his article in velonews about riding in Europe. He's a funny dude.


Maggie said...

Oh yeah- Happy New Year to You Nutter! Look for a package in a week or so.

sansen said...

Hey, you're trying to brainwash people into liking CycloCross over the Road! It's not that I object, really I don't, but please include coverage if Sven Nys loses the GP Sven Nys. Darn, ut's too bad Boom Baby isn't racing it...Happy Cross Year!?

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