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Monday, November 17, 2008

Jesse Anthony Day 1 VS Day 2 Mercer Cup 2008

Above is a pic I took of Jesse at the end of the race on Saturday. Was white a good choice for him? I don't think so. He still rocks though.

Wearing all white on Saturday was a major fashion faux pas considering the 8 inches of mud he had to ride through. The pic above is from Yesterday. Guess he wised up. Jesse Rocks!

Totally true story: After my husband hosed off his bike and brought it back to the car; he was still picking gunk out of the derailleur. He pulled out a living worm. How cool is that?


Ilaria said...

WOW! If my little son have been there, he would have been delighted! [correct? I dont know]

Helen said...

The boy is so pretty! Wow. Thanks to you I've become a Jesse fan :p

And i feel sorry for the person who had to clean the white kit, guessing it's not him!

A living worm? Mental! That worm's hardcore.

Maggie said...

I doubt Jesse has to do his own laundry, but who knows? I didn't see a Jamis bus there. Kona and Specialized had huge representation though.

I know he is off to Boulder now- not sure if it's for a race or camp. Check it yo. He lives like 10 miles away from me!

He is a really nice guy. Been chatting with him on facebook and had a ftf chat at the race. Very sweet as well as cute.