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Monday, November 17, 2008

Ding Dong Chicken Boy is Dead!

It's official. I saw this with my own eyes and took the picture with my own Sony Cybershot. Rasmussin will be pedaling sans one claw.....errrr....foot. If he is STILL ALIVE that is. 

Here's my theory: Emaciated Chicken Boy was at the Mercer Gran Prix of Cyclocross this past weekend. It was very cold and VERY muddy. I think that one of his claws got stuck in the mud and just cracked off. Then (there are a lot of dogs at 'Cross races, you see) a dog sniffed it out- dug it up, brought it down the patio for a quick snack. Apparently the dog found it to be unappetizing and left it in its present state.


Helen said...

HAH! :D hehe, love it.

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