Whose Gloucester video is better?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Allez Andy! ala Rina

Thanks for all the vid links, Rina! Here is more of Andy the Cyclon Schleck
 Winning Winning Winning!


helen said...

Go Andy!!

sansen said...

Yeah, Cyclon Schleck it is!

Maggie said...

I say we nominate that as his un "official" nickname.

Just spent a day in meetings. My mind is mush. Watching election junk now.

Bridget said...

Andy was whizzing along like lightning!

Rose said...

Who the HELL is doing that hideous karaoke?

atticusNL said...

the karaoke was Het Feestteam, a dutch karaoke band, and it was really fun!!
I made that video by the way, good to see that it is used!!