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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Young Anikin and Mullet Man Frank

Just how cute is Andy in this picture??? Too cute for human eyes- that's my opinion! How old was he here, Rina?

Frankie- Mullet-Man Schleck looking serious and pretty darn cute in this pic. Those of you who are leg and thigh specialists might want to examine this one in closer detail.

Thanks to Rina for these heretofore unbeknownst to me pics of our favorite brothers.


Sasha said...

Andy looks like... don't know... 15?! Just too cute. Same for Fränk ;) Am I the only one who would have never guessed that Andy's autodraph doesn't look like the name 'Schleck' or 'Andy Schleck'? Maybe the first letter A but the rest :P

Anonymous said...

You mean Frank had .00078% more body fat in said picture?

Rina said...

You welcome, have sent you more tehe!
Anikin is about 15-17 years old. And for me he looks totally adroable and mr mullet man looks very serious cute!
Told you I could find some new pictures haha

Bridget said...