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Friday, October 3, 2008

Why VdV Rocks!

Christian Vande Velde Rocks because he is totally accessible and a really nice guy!

I sent this note to Woody at Garmin Chipotle pb H30 in response to his email to me : 

"Oh yeah- did you get my thank you card? I swear I'm not a stalker; just checking to see if USPS is working. I love my socks, cap, cards. Thank you!

My students have already commented that they love my argyle socks. I am slowly turning urban African American 8th grade school children into Christian VdV and Garmin Chipotle fans. We are creating a game board on the walls of our hallway. The walls outside my room are totally Garmin and TdF. The essential question is: "What do we do in the face of adversity?" I'll have to take pics when it is complete.

I plan to give away a Garmin Chipotle pb H30 Water Bottle to all who submit a decent blog entry to the VdV fan club site.

Keep up the good work!

To my complete and utter surprise; I received this email from Christian in response:

"Just got your note through our webmaster. Thanks for all your support of me and my team. Your website is awesome and I do check it from time to time. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that your actions haven't gone unnoticed. Thanks again, best to your kids."



sansen said...

I'm sure you want me writing something when overly caffeinated.

Maggie said...

Of course- you must have just indulged in a venti triple shot latte before you begin the post.

I won't go into the SSecon thingy here. It's just too depressing,

Can't bring myself to talk about Frank because that is a downer too.

Even though Bahati rocked in Downers Grove.

Helen said...

Woo! That's awesome, Christian rocks :]