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Thursday, October 2, 2008

VdV pics- Love Him!

photo: Bettini
Giro 2008 - LOVE VdV

photo: Bettini
Giro 2008- *HEART* VdV

Christian and Big George- Adore them! 
(even though George's jeans are kind of pricey.)

photo: Christophe Ena
Christian going for a ride on 2nd rest day TdF 2008. I think this was before his kind of crappy day. He crashed on La Bonnette. Gotta love this guy!

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sansen said...


Anyway, you better specify that it was Roberto Bettini photos because some jerk like me might think you mean Paolo Il Cricket Bettini because he may be stalking, say, Vande Velde because he wants to torture hime with his hug!