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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ugliest Sunglasses in the Peloton Poll

One of my all time faves. Mario Punk Boy Cippolini sporting some
 seriously hideous shades.

photo: swiped it from one of your blogs

OK- submit your entries for the ugliest sunglasses in the Peloton. Once all of the entries are in I will open the poll. Don't let me down! I know there are some seriously ugly ones out there.


sansenmag said...


That Cipollini pic scares the frak out of all those vague 1980s memories I got repressed.

Anyway, I got some potential nominees, to be picked at your discretion:

Pozzato in Pink - And there's a really bad bandana too!

That Damn Ricco! - Um, and he's all blingy too. Oh, and here's an ewey Close-up.

Rina said...

I dig Frankie!!

BTW annonce of tour de france 2009 is today, 11:30 european time.
Sastre, Contador, Pereiro and according to Luxembourg media Andy will be there too-I totally hope!

Rina said...

I meant Sastre, Contador, Pereiro will be at the annonce and according to luxembourg media Andy too!

Maggie said...

Your entries are indeed hideous and have gone into the ugly sunglass folder, Sansen.

Rina, Let us know any news you hear about the TdF

Bridget said...

Noooooooo my computer wont let me watch the live streaming of le Tour presentation! :(

Frank somehow makes those other worldy shades look sexy.

jess said...

How about weirdest/ugliest trophies? What the?!

innaj87 said...

There is also a pic of alien Fränk from the side:).

Rina said...

Just have sent you some goodies miss maggie tehe!

sansenmag said...

Hmm, isn't that Cipollini pic like late 1990s? If it is then he was totally lagging fashion at the time.

Maggie said...

Yup- Cippo was still living/dressing in the 80s during the 90s. He is one weird dude. Not on a par with emaciated chicken man ewwww, but weird nonetheless