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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Too Little, Too Late

"I want to come clean,"..."I fell to temptation. The pressure was incredibly strong. I'm only human and in this exceptional situation I showed weakness." Bernhard Kohl


Just want to thank Bernie et al for all they have done for the sport! Complete and total nimrods, all!

  1. Tour of Germany organizers are scrapping the race due to a lack of interest and a lack of sponsors. Thanks guys!
  2. Public Broadcasters ARD and ZDF said they would not show live pics of the TdF because of cycling's doping problems. Way to go, dudes!
  3. Cycling has less value. Sponsors do not flock to a sport that is always in the headlines for doping scandals. No duh! The sporting value of cycling has been greatly reduced and its credibility is in the trash can. Again, a hearty thanks to Bernie, Ricco, Schumacher et al.
  4. Sponsors are deserting the sport because it is becoming unpopular. Geez Louise! Just when I thought we had turned a corner. I really would like to get my trusty ruler and give these schmucks a few whacks on the palms of their hands! Or, at least give them a healthy bonk upside their heads. 
Mood: annoyed, disappointed, disgusted, pissed, and all kinds of mean nasty ugly things.

I know this article is from Al Jazeera and probably wants to poke at and inflame my Western values. Well it worked :(


sansen said...

Miss Maggie, you must remember that Sir Lancelot is riding again to make the world safe for cyclists!

Maggie said...

Oh yeah- Thanks for reminding me. That's very reassuring.

Bridget said...

He will be our saviour!

Last night I had a dream that I took performance enhancing drugs! I thought it was real!

Maggie said...

To Bridget:
Did it help? How was your performance?

Bridget said...

To Maggie:
I came third in some race I did! It was horrible.

http://sansenmag.livejournal.com/ said...

Lance shall get the Nobel Peace Prize just like Al Gore did.

Bridget said...

He shall forever be remembered in history as The Man Who Saved Cycling. Or something...