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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Shoot all the Cyclists!

Thomas Bach of the International Olympic Committee has proposed shooting all pro cyclists. He believes that this will rid the sport of dopers. Thus, he has declared open season, and guys like the one above are ready!

According to Bach, "Obviously, riders have not changed their mentality. They had a chance to do so, but they did not. So like any other invasive pest we will do our utmost to rid the world of ricers and pro cycling." Back refused to comment on fat ass baseball players, underage gymnasts and tennis stars; other than to say "killing malnourished 12-year-old girls is not a stance that the IOC promotes at this time. It is under consideration, but needs considerable more study before a decision is made"

"It's much easier to rally a group of angry villagers with pitchforks and torches to storm a team bus than it would be to attempt to kill say one of the Williams sisters. The key is location, location, location. Plus it would be a lot harder to kill one of the Williams sisters because they are a LOT bigger and stronger than your average pro cyclist."

The question remains; who is a bigger duffus? Thomas Bach or Pat McQuaid? 

You decide!


Nic80 said...

Nice post Maggie! While we're at it, lets shoot some Olympic weighlifters, swimmers, track athletes, even the Olympic shooters should be shot... at least pro cycling is doing something about the problem - that's gotta be a good thing (Frank Schleck case excepted, of course). The positive tests were from the Tour, not the Olympics - no cyclists tested positive at the Olympics, but athletes from other sports did. Why aren't the IOC shooting them?? I hate fat, old idiots with no brains!

Rina said...

I got news for you, sexy bank has annonce that Andy is not racing more this year, because of lack og motivation because of Franks situation! Just thought you would like to know that.

Btw I cant get on facebook tonight ladies, so will replay you all on there tomorrow!

Sasha said...

How sad it is that Andy won't race this year I can fully understand him...

We should shoot all Olympians (maybe except clay-pigeon shooters) :) They should honour that the cycling world does something against the doping problem. I mean a lot of other don't do...

Btw thanks for the link =)

Helen said...

Bach is the bigger idiot. Yes McQuaid ain't perfect but he's stood by cycling through so much and he still defends it openly and accuses other sports so at least he stands by it and is an idiot.
But we could shoot selected cyclists...

sansenmag said...

Well, what about the fact that the UCI has permitted Lance to pedal Down Under?

Anke said...

I've made a Facebook-account!! lol

Rina said...

Videos for you:


(Frankie interview about stuff hehe, its good lol :-) )


(both brothers interview!!!!!!!!!!)

Karen said...

It's so sad that cycling is always related with doping just because cycling tries to solve their doping problems.
Too bad andy isn't racing anymore this year :( but i understand it. Do you know whether the brothers are still going to curacoa?

rina: you aren't really missing something at facebook cause the startpage doesn't really work or maybe i'm just the only one with this problem.

Anke what's your last name? I need it to add you!

Rina said...

Tehe, thats great and thanks for letting me know Karen

I understand it with Andy too, can only imagine how the familiy must feel..

The brothers are still on list to go on the officel site of Curacoa, so they might are.
I hope they are :-)