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Thursday, October 2, 2008

New Vids ala Rina

Hopefully Rina can translate some of these. I have no idea what the boys are saying, but they look good. 

Whenever anyone hears anything about the UCI/Schleck meeting today in Switzerland...SHARE!

Frank and Andy Schleck

Luxembourg 2008 National Championships

Frank and Andy Schleck Fan Club

Cyclists Prepare for the 2008 Season


Rina said...

You welcome miss Maggie, but you have posted no FanClub video!

The UCI meeting has been held, you have to remember its european time switerland is.
Explanasion is still yet to come, media says friday 3oct.
The bros asked for the meeting at UCI themselves.

Translation to vids will come! :-)

Maggie said...

whoops- I fixed the vid

Rina said...

I can see that, very nice :-)

sansen said...

Yes, Andy is the cuter (tres beau) of the two, but Frank has the sexier voice.

So, uh, who will be the first to chase me with a pitchfork around me!?

Helen said...

Not me. I've always maintained Frank is my favourite brother and one reason being the sexy sexy accent.

Love the vids, I can't believe Rina is leaving us :[ Hope you have a fab weekend! We'll miss you our squirrel of vidoes, translation and Schleck love!

Rina said...

I go for both bros, but Andy is the cutie one!

Thanks Helen, will miss you ladies too!
Have a fab weekeed :-)

Bridget said...

Haha I agree Rina! Andy's the cuter for me, but I love them both! :D

Karen said...

I wish i could speak Luxemburgs because it sounds so funny ^^
These vids are great and they're both so sexy when they wear normal clothing.

Hope you have a great weekend Rina!

emma said...

Actually i could translate some of them. Just tell me what parts of the videos you want to have translated^^

I agree, Andy's cuter, but Frank really does have the sexier voice xD

naff said...

I don't mean to be rude, sincerely, since I'm sure you are all lovely people who do little harm in the world but seriously, you need to get out more.

Rina said...

Tehe, Rina is back :-)