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Friday, October 10, 2008

More bad news for pro yachting

"Lovey, would you pass me the sunblock and refill my champagne glass?"

Simon Daubney (above) of the Alinghi America's Cup crew won't be saying that...at least not in a professional context for 2 years. He has been banned from the sport of yachting  by the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA.) 

WADA's CEO and a TRIBUNAL (man I thought those went away with the Spanish Inquisition- apparently not) say that the two-year ban for Daubney "spoke volumes." Volumes of what? The dude did cocaine. Doesn't that kind of go hand in hand with yachting? It did in all those Miami Vice episodes I used to watch!



innaj87 said...

Maybe you yacht better when under the influence of cocaine...???..erm..:)

Nic80 said...

Shoot him.

Sasha said...

Remove yachting from the Olympics! And introduce ...erm... fly fishing?!

Anonymous said...

How about channel surfing contests because surely someone would dope to be the fastest flipper in the world!