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Friday, October 3, 2008

How come there aren't many black dudes in the pro peloton?

I just don't get it. I work with Black kids and they are mucho athletic, mucho smart, mucho ambitious, but they just don't seem to be in to pro cycling.

Hence, Rahsaan Bahati of Rock Racing is a breath of fresh air.
This kid was born in Lynwood, California in 1982 (the year I graduated high school- you do the math.) He is 6'1" 159 lbs. Turned pro in 2001 and his specialty is sprinting. 

So how come we haven't seen more of him? Is there discrimination within the pro teams? I hope to god not! I have to give Michael Ball some credit for recruiting a diverse team. 

Someone please explain to me why people of color are not represented in the field of pro cycling. I would appreciate it. I am guessing that it is because the salaries are not comparable to other sports. Not to mention the fact that socio-economic status plays a huge role in who can do and accomplish what in this crazy world of ours. Don't matter if it's the States the UK or flippin' Planet Claire.

My philosophical thought for the day. I'll try not to bore you with more in the near future.


sansen said...

Well, it can't be blamed on the WASPs since it's not just limited to the States, so it's got to be the old socio-economic thing like it is with golf (and maybe swimming). Then again, it's kind of like a worldwide cultural thing too; I'm just thinking this because I remember something on Gawker that was funny, but the uncomfortable funny, saying something about human evolution that Africans run and Europeans swim. yeah, it's got nothing to do with cycling, but it says stuff about the worldwide sports culture and the effects of $$$$$ on opportunity.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to steal a bike that fits you properly

Maggie said...

Well aren't you Mr. Nasty, anonymous? Bet you like to pull the wings off flies as well. Do you hate everyone or just Black people?