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Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Grand Prix of Gloucester

So we spent the day at the Grand Prix of Gloucester today. It was extremely fun! When I get home I'll upload some photos. Above is the "sandpit" that the riders have as part of the technical section. The sport is kind of silly when you think about it, but is super fun to watch.

The course was located right on the harbor so we were surrounded by ocean- cool. Beautiful day without a cloud in the sky. My hubby came in 24th in a field of 120- not bad.

Elite Men- Ryan Trebon aka Trefarm because of his abnormally long thighs- the dude is a giant- won, with Tim Johnson (Bessette's husband) coming in 2nd and Jesse Anthony (hometown boy- and kind of cute) coming in 3d. Those dudes really smoked! 10 laps in under an hour and they didn't look like they were going to puke as they jumped the barriers as some in the other categories did.

Lyne Bessette was there selling cupcakes- not riding- I guess she's injured. 

I kept yelling at Jesse whenever he rode by- We were sitting by the ocean in a kind of quiet section. He kept looking like who the F is that? Luckily he didn't take a spill because I am a jerk.

The elite men really duked it out. It was awesome!

Note: I was surprised at the number of riders who had shaved their mustaches and mullets- that must be going the way of the pet rock in some cycling circles. Usually Cross racers are big time mullet heads.

Back for more tomorrow.


Helen said...

Jesse Antony is hot!
That's cool for your hubby.
So it was a good day then :]

Maggie said...

I thought you would think so.

Jon moved up today to 20th! Yay! top 20