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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Everyone in the Universe Loves Andy Schleck

As you can see from the picture above; Andy Schleck Best Bike Racer in the Universe is sweeping the globe. Soon this blog will be broadcast on other planets and in other galaxies as well. 

This randomly selected student from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA is NOT giving the quit while you are ahead sign; he is merely contemplating the deep issues and universal themes presented within the contents of this blog and all of its sister blogs. The Schleck wave has reached tsunami strength!

disclaimer: the proprietress of this blog has in no way influenced, or solicited this positive response from the handsome young man other than being the de facto mother of his girl friend


sansenmag said...

He appears rather frightened of what you have created!

Maggie said...

perplexed, perhaps. confused, confounded, astounded, maybe. frightened? DEFINITELY! Poor guy.

Karen said...

maybe he's thinking hmm... i could still run away before it's too late :p