Whose Gloucester video is better?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

One more Time and that's it! I'm done with crappy youtube!

According to Anne Grippers of UCI (this is for real now folks) 

"...It is worth considering that Schleck has been part of the [Ramus] Damsgaard programme since the start of 2007 and he's been part of the biological passport system this year. When you put those two bodies of results together it's highly probable that he has not been doing anything untoward..."

Hence the latest crappy video montage. I originally used Three Little Birds by Bob Marley, but Youtube gave it the boot. So I replaced the background with Galley Slave by Southern Culture on the Skids because It's what I imagine the guys sound like as they are doing those big climbs.

Then Youtube decided that I was infringing on the copyright there too. WTF? I bought the darn CD- I own it! One more time and then I tell youtube to f-off. This time I am trying Toots and the Maytals Pressure Drop. We'll see what happens.

random- if your song isn't kosher they give you this really crappy list of songs that you could use in place of the original. I refuse to subject you gals to Andy Williams! I have some integrity, you know!

Thanks to all fangirls I borrowed pics from!


sansenmag said...

That increases hopes for Schleck adorers everywhere but then some pessimist like me has to express her thoughts on the possiblity of Mr Prudhomme not inviting Frank to le Tour a la "Cocaine Accident" Tom Boonen.

Maggie said...

Here's another depressing thought- youtube sent me a message saying I can't use 3 little birds. So there may no longer be music in the background til I get around to fixing it.

Must be because of I am Legend

Bridget said...

We love you, Frank!

Helen said...

Ah Sansen, Prudy said that was cos it was so close, this Frank thing is like a year before le Tour. We can hope :]

And screw youtube!

Maggie said...

I don't know- Prudhomme can be somewhat unfathomable at times. He's made some quirky decisions in the past. Let's hope Frank isn't on his shit list