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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Documentation of Cadelio's Wheel Sucking Strategies

photo: EvansBrynLennonGetty

We all know that Cuddles is a wheel sucker, but Andrew Hood documents it for posterity in this month's VeloNews in a story about Robert Gesink and this year's Paris-Nice. 

Page 41 second column:

"A summit finish up the northern face to the Mont Serein ski station was to be Gesink's confirmation of his arrival to the elite of the sport. He did just about everything right, shedding GC rivals by the scores and only having the pesky Silence-Lotto tandem of Cadel Evans and Yaroslav Popovych on his wheel.

"When Evans' turns were putting Popovych into the red, forcing the Ukraine to yelp out for Evans to slow down, Gesink turned the screws with another searing acceleration. Popovych was popped, but Evans wheel-sucked his way to the finish line and then darted ahead to take the prestigious win."

Yet more evidence that Cadel Evans sucks (literally.)


Rose said...

Jeepers. A cyclist burning out his workhorse and conserving energy to steal the stage win in the homestretch... It's unheard of. THE IDEA!

Cadellio, you naughty boy, you. :D

Maggie said...

Just stating the facts, Ma'am. To the best of my knowledge "wheel-sucking" is not a positive peloton trait. I could be wrong. How come your boy never attacks?

Anonymous said...

I think that Miss Maggie has some secret thing for Cadel.

Maggie said...

Them's fightin' words!

Helen said...

My issue with Cadel is not even so much the wheel-sucking but how I get no pleasure from watching him.

My favourite riders as you know are the Schlecks, Valverde and Contador when it comes to climbing and what do they all have in common? They're exciting to watch, they attack. I mean criticise Valv all you like but the dude goes for it, he attacks. Contador, well we all know he loves to attack. You could tell that from the Giro or the Vuelta or le Tour, take your pick! And Andy demonstrated when he's off his leash he attacks [the Olympic RR is evidence].

Cadel is not a classy rider, he's not a rider who gets you excited to watch him and this is why I can never support him or be excited by him.

And yes many riders have wheelsucked, but how many can you think of who do it day in day out on a Grand Tour? If you can think of any I bet they've never won a GT!

And Maggie, I think you could ban Sansen for such accusations. She's just angsty cos she loves Pozzato but can't admit it ;]

sansen said...

Helen, do I have to issue some crazy public statement saying "I do not heart Pozzato!" or something of that nature?

Maggie said...

Zackly what you said Helen. Attack man! If you want my respect- you must attack!

Rose said...

Cadellio just must not be an attacking kind of person. I mean, it's not like he heabutts cameramen and threatens journalists and punches motorcyclists and has a bodyguard or anything. He just must be mellow on and off the bike *shrugs*.

Okay, seriously then? Cadel attacks occasionally, but not much, truth be told. I blame that on his team. He can't do wonders. He aint superman. He aint on CERA. He can only do what's physically possible, and I'd say coming in the top ten pretty much every stage without a team to help is a pretty decent effort. He tries. He's a battler. HE'S CADELLIO!

Oh, God love him.

What's with all these secret crushes btw? Sounds like fun. I want a secret crush! :D

sansen said...

Was this post created to lure Monty out of the woodwork?

Maggie said...


rob ijbema said...

thanks for the laugh
cuddles hahaha
geesink,he's goood!