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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Did Bernie Do It? Poll and others Polls as well

I'm doing some blog cleaning and will be deleting some closed polls.

Well, Blogger doesn't seem to want to allow me to upload images right now, so here are the results of the "Did Bernhard Kohl do it?" Remember that I started the poll before all the facts were in and before he did his big crybaby confession. 

1. An overwhelming 84% of you said Yes
2. 16% needed more information
3. There were no "Hell Yes" or Hell No" responses.

Poll: "Should we exterminate all athletes in all sports and just start fresh?
1. 9% said yes
2. 54% said no
3. 36% said only competitive walkers

Poll: "Who is the bigger duffus? Thomas Bach or Pat McQuaid"
1.Thomas Bach won the dubious honor with 66% of the votes
2. Pat McQuaid is apparently only half the duffus than Bach is with 33% of the votes


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