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Monday, October 13, 2008

Cross Rocks!

My dog (above) and all other dogs are welcome at Cross Races

It is a totally mental sport. This is one of the technical sections- not even a hard one- with a lot of zigs and zags. The racer has to decide how fast he can take the zig or zag and whether or not he needs to brake or get off his bike completely, when to shift in to a lower gear, etc etc.

Here is Jon crossing the finish line on Day One. Start and finish were on pavement. The rest was on crushed glass, marbles and sand. He took 22nd in a field of 120. You go Jon!

Me and Tilly chillin' by some ugly bushes near the sand pit. Right about where the camera's battery died. Notice the Argyle socks and the Argyle Giro '08 T-Shirt? Also notice the rad new Oakley's Helen? Tell me what style you like and maybe you will get some for Xmas. Doubtful- but you never know with Santa.

Jon after crossing the finish- doesn't he look like he's about to puke?

So here is why Cross rocks:
  1. The crowd are maniacs! There was this dude who was going to quit. The crowd was screaming "Get back on your bike! If you're not puking, you're not quitting!"  Dude's response, "But I already puked." Crowd, "You're not puking now! Get on your bike!"
  2. Cowbells and other noise makers
  3. Dogs
  4. Many cool people.
Next week it's North Hampton and I am ready!


Helen said...

The crowd are sadistic, if I was the rider I'd just say 'you come and do the course then!'
It really looks like something I'd love :D

Haha, the argyle socks look good. And I'm impressed with the Oakleys. Ah you know it's all about the Oakley twitch in polished white with black iridium lenses for me :p They're so much cheaper in America, here they're about 150 pounds, and if i bought them online it'd be 43 quid with the awesome exchange rate :O When i get my new bankcard i may have to invest, hehe.

Looks like you had an awesome time, go Jon!

Rina said...

Looking good Maggie, sounds and looks like you had a great time :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh no, not cutesy-wutesy dog pics too!

Bridget said...

Cycle cross sounds great :D Glad you had fun!