Whose Gloucester video is better?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Check this cool portrait of Andy

Rob does painting of all of our favorite riders; above is Andy Schleck. Check out his website at:
Painting le Tour. If you are a fine art/cyclist buff you might want to consider adding one of his beautiful paintings to your collection.


Helen said...

Ooh I like. If he does one of Valverde I will buy :D

Sharon said...

Cute Video


the flamish talk is just translation of what the guys are saying

Maggie said...

I like the vid, Sharon. But how come they are eating cheese?

Sharon said...

It's Belgian television,

I'm Dutch, so I have no idea..

Rina said...

Miss Maggie its a french tradition:-)

One of the best interview I have seen with the bros!

Andy:adroable! :-)

rob ijbema said...

thanks for posting my little painting,almost looks better here than over at my blog,hehe

helen if you like me to do Valverde
in his brilliant caisse d'espaigne kit,i will only be to pleased...just let me know.