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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Argyle Rocks!

Garmin Chipotle pb H30 has some interesting news for all of us Argylemaniacs.

First of all they will be opening the Argyle Store this fall to supply us with all of our cool Argyle paraphernalia. Can't wait to do my Christmas Shopping (for myself) Keep an eye on the Slipstream Homepage for the store opening. I want a windbreaker, some more socks, and possibly another cap, maybe some posters- if I am on anyone's Christmas list. Only 84 more Shopping days. 

Support Clean Riding with these clean bottles- only 10$ each. Supposedly they don't have the plastic smell or taste. 

Additionally, I have started my Argyle Throw- which might be up for grabs as some kind of a contest on the Christian VdV fanclub- keep your eyes open. It'll be nice and cozy.

I am really not a shameless promoter- I just LOVE these guys- and I LOVE cool stuff too.

One more thing- If you submit a 150-200 word letter on why you LOVE Argyle to fanmail@slipstreamsports.com you might get featured in the Fangyle section and win some cool Garmin-Chipotle cool stuff like caps, socks etc. I heart my socks!

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