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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Argle On Board Clean Bottle Give Away!

In my other life I am the proprietress of the Christian Vande Velde Fan Club. Garmin Chipotle is having a HUGE fundraiser to support clean riding in pro cycling; and they are selling these Argyle Clean Bottles.

To help support my team, I am giving away 3 bottles to those who submit blog entries to the fan club site. Just tell me why you are impressed with this young team, and any other thoughts/ramblings you may have on the awesomeness of Christian Vande Velde and his team.

The bottles are normally 10$ apiece plus S&H. I am just giving them away! They are some kind of special material that doesn't smell or taste like plastic.

Come on fangirls! Show your support of a clean and awesome team! Write a blog entry and submit it to:

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