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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Andy Youtube Montage

OK- So Rina requested an Andy Schleck photo montage for Youtube. Well, You know me. I always have my readers' wants and interests in mind. :P Anyway- here is my latest lamo youtube production. The background music is The Indigo Girls' "Andy." It's kind of mellow, but I like the Indigo Girls. 

Dedicated to fangirls throughout the universe!
Enjoy--or not--your choice.



Karen said...

Maggie you have just made my day cause this article (http://www.cyclingnews.com/news.php?id=news/2008/oct08/oct08news) just depressed me.

Bridget said...

:( I saw that article when I was at school so I chucked a hissy fit which got me angry looks from a librarian! Man, the cloud darkens and so do I :( :(

The video lighted my day too :D
Great work!

Sasha said...

This video made my day! I feel depressed since yesterday evening when the news came that the ALAD will investigate. But that video produces a smile on my face ;)

Nic80 said...

Awesome video Maggie - I love the music!! I agree with everyone else we definitely need cheering up - so thanks ;)

Rina said...

I am glad that I can put a smile on people. :-) Thanks for posting the vid Maggie :-)