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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Andy Interview after Yesterday's Tour Announcement

Rina Darling- could you give us a quick translation? :)


sansen said...

Did you enjoy three minutes of Andy on VeloNews TV yet?

Maggie said...

Yup- and I actually wasn't completely disgusted with Cadel's performance. He almost seemed human in the interview. Have I been too harsh????? :P

Also, liked Dave Millar- Is he a part owner of the team or something. I'm thinking he is.

sansen said...

Yeah, Millar has some Garmin shares or something.

Rina said...

Andy is talking about the route, he think is good. Least that is what I seem to get out of it lol

naranja said...

Nice to meet you.
I enjoy looking your blog,
and thank you very much a lot of information of Andy.

I can't hear what andy say.
But in the "l'equipe.fr"
there is his interview.

The route of 2009 is for Climber
and it convenient fot me.
May be the first week is a trap.
The revival of team T.T also convenient fot team CSC.
This year I got the white jersey however a difficult day.
Next year I will come back as a "leader" with my brother.

English is not my pride item
(French is better)beside I'm Japanese..
I wonder that I can convey a nuance.

Wish Andy's success and your happiness.