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Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Versus Vaughters F Bomb

From the 2008 Tour (Watch interviewer Robbie Ventura's face.)
I interpret it as more of a " Dude, this is wicked intense right now." or maybe kind of a "Whew! This is wild right now."

But I imagine that some religious right humanoid who has their F Checker 5000 constantly running on their puter and TV in order to "protect their children" reported it instantly. Jonathan Vaughters of Garmin Chipotle p/b H30 made a public apology. 

Man- we are WAAAYYY to uptight in the U.S.! 


Cadel for PM said...

Schleck couldn't even hold Cadel's jock. Cadel>Andy. Andy=always the chode.

Maggie said...

Does your chode itch? They have cream for that now, you know. Have you held Cadel's jock? EEEWWWWW! That is a thought I don't need in my head, young sir troll.

sansen said...

The American Censors are so obsessed with obscene language spoken by humans, but it is A-OK for human aliens to say "frak" and "motherfrakker" on Battlestar Galactica. That is one more reason to adore the Puritan influence.

Helen said...

Haha, nice justification for language there Sansen.

I spot a troll! What does pm stand for in this case, because it can't be for prime minister so could it be prime maniac? Pure meathead? Poor man?

Trolls and swear words aside, will there be pretty pics of Michael Barry from today's ToM stage i can have? I adore that man :]

Maggie said...

I'm still waiting for pics. Hopefully tonight. Michael Barry is good.