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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

VdV on Pellizotti and the 2008 Giro

The dude does have weird hair. And what's with the 'soul patch?'
Thanks for the link, Sansenator

VdV: Yeah, that was pressure. And then I was in second place by one second for four days I think, and that was horrible. That gives me more desire to realize that when you get a little success then you want more. Seeing Pellozotti in front of me every day, and it probably wasn't even a whole second he had on me, it was horrible, excruciating to watch, getting the pink jersey, being the champion every day, that really fired me up, got me excited for the rest of the year I think.

schmalz: And I would think Pellozotti's hair is just mesmerizing in person.

VdV: (laughs) It is! Everything about him, you know, he looks great on the bike, he's got this crazy looking nose, facial features, and this hair....he's a different looking dude. That's a perfect word, mesmerizing, just different. You wouldn't see a guy like that walking around in the 'burbs


Helen said...

Please don't let Benna get any ideas from his teammate :[ Pelli's hair has a life of its own..

Totally off topic....you seen the breaking news, i've already posted it on my blog. I can't believe it's actually TRUE.

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