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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

VdV on Oprah!

Christian Vande Velde Downer's Grove, IL August 2008

Don't know if all of the European and elsewhere folks get the Oprah Winfrey Show; but for us Yanks-- VdV will be on Oprah this coming Monday, September 9, 2008. The show is about the 2008 Olympics. I imagine that it will be a Phelps-o-Rama, but look for Christian in there too.

I'm thinking that it's because VdV is a Chicago boy and Oprah is based in the Windy City. Anyway, check it out if you can. 

And Hannah, get back to writing those papers!!! Your education is much more important than this silly blog! I say this as I should be writing lesson plans for next week instead of blogging. Shows you where my priorities are. Right where they should be! Obsessed with pro cycling and pro cyclists :-P


Helen said...

Short and sweet is good for CVV :] But in the 'sideburns' photo you failed to point out how rockin' DZ's hair is! Wow, why didn't he keep that?

Helen said...

What? Why has this comment got here? How? Arggh, i clicked post a comment on the hairstyle ones and it's ended up here, wow. Maggie, i think your blog hates me! :p

Maggie said...

My blog loves you, Helen! :-)